In 1972 a woman broke her leg in front of Lesswing’s Hardware store in York Village, less than a quarter of a mile away from York Hospital.  

She waited a full hour and fifteen minutes for Earle’s Ambulance to respond from Kittery to deliver her to the hospital for treatment. The Lesswings, Henry Cadwalader, Lynn Perkins and Steve Moore all formed a committee so that York could have its own ambulance and no one would have to wait that long for transportation and treatment again. Back then the ambulance was an old hearse and the crews were all volunteers, eager to help anyone who needed it. They received Red Cross First Aid training and worked in three person crews. there was no garage so the ambulance was stored at Mary Andrews’ house and crew members were paged for emergencies.

Our stations in both York and South Berwick house a full time crew that responds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Paramedics, EMT’s and drivers are dedicated professionals prepared to provide excellent care for you or your loved one.

YAAI Services

Advanced Life Support
York Ambulance staffs two full-time Paramedics working two 24 hour shifts a week in its York station, and two full-time paramedics at the South Berwick station. Per-diem Paramedics work all of the other shifts. Our Paramedics offer immediate aid to patients in the Towns of York and South Berwick and Rollinsford, NH with the highest level of out-of-hospital care available. They are qualified to treat patients of all severity levels, including Critical Care patients.

Basic and Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians
York Ambulance staffs a complement of Basic and Intermediate Emergency Medical Technicians. These EMTs work 12 to 24 hour shifts on a per-diem basis. They are well-trained professionals who work along side the Paramedic in treating patients.

Non-emergency Medical Transfers
York Ambulance is staffed with two full-time Paramedics and Advanced EMT's with the remaining shifts covered by Paramedics and EMT's for non-emergency medical transfers, around the clock. Patient transfers from one facility to another that are medically necessary to transport by ambulance may be set up by the medical provider by calling 207-337-0587. All transfers require a Physician's Certification Statement (PCS) form in order for insurance to process the claim.

Our Mission
Our mission since March 17, 1972, is to provide excellent prehospital care to the residents of the Town of York. We take great pride in providing York citizens with affordable quality care. York Ambulance provides Paramedic staffed emergency transport services as well as non-emergency transfers.

Response times
Statistics show that our response time from dispatch to arriving on scene meets the industry standard of 10 minutes or less 90% of the time.

Become a member!
We urge you to become a member today and help support the work we do. To learn more about the benefits of becoming a member please visit the section or call our office at (207) 363-4403.


Single Membership (1 person) or Family Membership (2 or more people) As a member, the cost of one emergency trip can save you from $450 or more depending on the level of service needed.

Business Membership Your employees and customers who receive emergency medical services from York Ambulance on your premises will not be charged a “patient due balance” after all insurances have covered their portion.

Donations in Kind, in Memory of a Loved One, or to the Capital Improvement Fund are gratefully accepted. Please pay by credit card online, or make checks payable to York Ambulance and mail to York Ambulance Association, Inc, PO Box 238, York, ME 03909.

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