Raised funds
for a new ambulance
for our community

York Ambulance Association (YAA) and York Community Service Association (YCSA) reached their fundraising goal and then some!

We raised $45,000.00 to be exact, that will go towards a new ambulance. YCSA donated $20,000.00, and we received a matching $20,000.00 anonymous donation to reach our $40,000.00 goal. And the local community donated another $5,000.00. Thank you all so much for your support!

Membership Cards

YCSA will be giving out “membership cards” for YAA to people who qualify for assistance. We do not want York residents to drive themselves to the hospital when they are having a health crisis because they can not pay for the ambulance ride. For more information call 207-363-5504 ext. 5.



It was requested that we do something that would help seniors in our community.



An ambulance to support the community in and around York, Maine.



Through the partnership of YCSA and YAA along with supporters like you!



It was brought to our attention that some seniors were driving themselves to the hospital instead of calling 911. They were worried they could not afford to pay for the ambulance trip so YCSA came up with a great solution with YAA.

Join Our Efforts

Good Partners make everything better…
please partner with us!

A membership card will cover the cost of one ambulance ride.
YCSA will distribute the cards to community members that they work with in York.

YAA and YCSA are 501c3, and your donation is tax deductible.

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