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York Ambulance is your 9-1-1 emergency ambulance service.  We also provide non-emergency ambulance and wheelchair transport services.

Individual & Family Memberships give you the peace of mind of knowing you will not have to pay any costs not covered by your insurance for ambulance transportation services.  This includes 9-1-1 emergency response and any non-emergency medical transfers as authorized by your physician.  In addition, members receive a discount on wheelchair van service.

York Ambulance provides non-emergency medical transfers with your physician’s certification (hospital to hospital, hospital to nursing home, etc.). To take advantage of the patient balance waiver, you or your family member should communicate to the medical staff at the facility where your ride originates that you prefer to be transported by York Ambulance. The patient balance waiver benefit is not reciprocal and only applies to service provided by York Ambulance. If you have questions about medical transfers, call our Transfer Service at 207-337- 0587.

Business Memberships provide the same benefit to owners and their employees when York Ambulance responds to the business location.

York Ambulance Wheelchair Van service is available for clients needing transportation to medical and non-medical destinations in a vehicle equipped to manage your personal wheelchair or one provided by us. Discounted rates apply to members. Wheelchair Van service is not typically covered by insurance and clients are responsible for the charges. Schedule your Wheelchair Van Service in advance by calling 207-337- 0587.

Member benefits provide a waiver of the balance due not paid by your insurance for services provided by York Ambulance at the following membership levels:

  • SINGLE MEMBERSHIP (1 person):  $75 per year
  • FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (2 or more people living in the same household):  $100 per year
  • BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP (the waiver benefit covers the business owners and their employees when York Ambulance responds to the business location):  $250 per year

Our membership year is a rolling year and starts on the date you sign up, meaning membership benefits begin the date payment is received.

Sign up today!  You can join online or send us your information by mail, or call us at 207-363- 4403.